1. Using Aws identify access management (Am) to great only to the measure needed the problem a task concept
  2. Which of the following of the best practices 
  3. Which of the following are categories AWS
  4. Which of the following can be used data of AWS glacier
  5. Which of the following enable user to power of AWS server programmatically
  6. Amazon ( RDS)
  7. What can AWS sign location to used for
  8. Which tool best a developer use to AWS services feature
  9. Which of the following should to be used to provided AWS
  10. What are the two benefit of AWS cloud
  11. Which of the following a cost benefit of AWS cloud
  12. A user as an Amazon Electric Computer Cloud
  13. Which service use AWS sign inductor
  14. Which of the following service Mysql AWS cloud
  15. A company’s web application currently has light description
  16. What is one of the following of designing coding of AWS
  17. At which support level does we AWS cloud
  18. How many availability zoom should be highest
  19. When should be the AWS correspondent we should the customer code
  20. Component with code in established cloud
  21. Which service enable system administrative the display the systematic code
  22. The CID of a company on code for a many data correct the support effect
  23. How can AWS enable a company to control an application change the design coding
  24. Which of the following services used to programmatically AWS service
  25. Which of the following services can be used to back reflect traffic
  26. What is the variety of party software from AWS multiplication should be the party of the Software are  Amazon EC2
  27. Which of the following of Amazon simple setting services
  28. What is an concepts of electrically data coding setting
  29. Which type of article best of corresponding part of the basic design principle
  30. What AWS basic support event of AWS coding
  31. Which of the following AWS EC2
  32. Which aspect of AWS enable instrument and automatically required
  33. A company web application currently has light understanding components
  34. Which services components the cost of the corresponding in the AWS cloud environments services
  35. When should be the following is an AWS management concept services
  36. A company designed an application in a sign AWS regards for the application data stores left that
  37. If a consider is Amazon Electric Components cloud Amazon EC2
  38. Which of the following services has been the EDOC
  39. What service could be used to currently many AWS access, policy access
  40. What can be done to help secure customer AWS Access Management AM accesses
  41. Which of the following services is an Mysql automatically services
  42. Which of the following services allows a customer with an premium defection hyford architecture AWS
  43. Which of the following can be used move display the running on permission application in AMAZON
  44. An application that rules on services bound incoming is bring moved to the Amazon cloud The application is support to regular
  45. Which of the following assist in identify costs by department
  46. Which of the following services will be the publish information about an AWS cloud services event
  47. What is an EC2 cloud
  48. Which of the following properties of automation zone and AWS Regions
  49. Which AWS providing cloud computing
  50. What task should a customer position suspects in AWS account has been corresponding
  51. Which principles are used to architect application for multiply the AWS cloud
  52. A company tasking for application feature of Amazon RDS help to database
  53. Which of the following are categories AWS tested devices
  54. Which feature enable the leading AWS
  55. Which is responsible for deco missing and of the un identifying storage devices
  56. If each department written a company has its an AWS account what is one way to enable considered building
  57. Which is responsible for applying in AWS
  58. When should user consider deploying an application to multiple regions
  59. Which of the following services could be used to display and application services running on
  60. What services down web contact global containers
  61. An availability zones concept of
  62. A user has an Amazon Electric Comments cloud Amazon EC2 informed a stepped able for 3 have 25 meter
  63. Which of the following a components of angular availability
  64. An instance is lunched into a VPC subnet with the networking ACL configure to allow in bond traffic and deny all out bond traffic. The instance security group is configured to allow SSH
  65. You company has separate AWS accounts for developer is assigned an IAM user in the development account developers occasionally need to access the production account to roll out changes to that environment your company does not allow the creation of IAM users in the production account? What strategy will allow
  66. Your Amazon EC2 instance must access the AWS API so you created a NAT gateway in an existing subnet When you are unsuccessful What could be preventing access
  67. You are designing a scalable web application with stateless web services which services or feature is suited to store user session information
  68. Which services can invoke AWS lambda function
  69. Which security function are based on AWS STS
  70. What AWS feature provided this function
  71. You need a solution to distribution traffic evenly across all of the containers for a tasks definition defined dynamic host mapping for your containers
  72. A company is deploying a new two tier web application in AWS The company has limited staff and required high availability the application
  73. A customer is running two Amazon EC2 instance server 1 and server 2 in different subnets of the same VPC server 1 can ping server 2 connect ping server 2 What could explain the behaviour
  74. You are running a web application with four Amazon EC2 instance across two Availability zones. The instance are in an Auto scaling group behind an ELB
  75. Your originally built VPC for a two application the subnets for the web and data tiers all the IP address spaces in the VPC Now you want to add subnet for an application
  76. How can you accommodate the new subnet in your VPC
  77. Your company IT polices mandate that all critical data must be duplicate in two Physical location at least 100 miles apart Which storage meets this requirements
  78. Which of the following after characteristic of Amazon VPC subnet
  79. You bid $022 for an Amazon EC2 spot Instance When the markets price was $0-20 for 90 minutes
  80. A colleague asked for your advice about how to easily deploy monitor and scale a three – ties Lamp
  81. Your company has set up an application in east west with disaster recovery site en central You want to be notified of any AWS activity in region other then there two How can you monitor AWS API activity in other regions
  82. Why is QS an appropriate for this services
  83. A customer’s security team requires the logging of all network access attempts to Amazon EC2 instance in their production VPC an AWS Which configuration security
  84. A company has a work flow that upload video flies from their data centre to Amazon for transcending They use Amazon EC2 instance that pull transcending jobs from SQS
  85. A company has a verification that updates which have been data count in AWS
  86. An auto scaling group appears 3A2 and currently has a running indicators EC2 when auto scaling need to transmission EC2
  87. Which of the following required AWS cloud
  88. You are designing a web application cloud Amazon
  89. Which service on inductor Amazon enable function
  90. Which of the following are two regarding Amazon Electric Black State ( EBS) volume
  91. You application currently stores data on an ECS volume A new security policy How can you encrypt the data
  92. A company is building software on Amazon service which configure
  93. Which of the following multiplication employee
  94. Which of the following does Amazon on under the shared security responsibility model
  95.  Which of the following architect of VPC Amazon.

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